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Actual Cryptocurrency icons in svg and webfont Libraryv2

600+ Cryptocurrency icons from Binance and CoinMarketCap. Webfont cryptocurrency logos and icons set, svg icons and Figma component.

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Cryptocurrency icons and logos

The most popular cryptocurrency icons are drawn, the lists are taken from Binance and Coinmarketcap. I can add the icons you need to the set on request.

Cryptocurrency icons SVG

After purchasing you will receive an archive with a folder with icons of cryptocurrencies in black svg format.

Cryptocurrency icons Webfont

Icons are collected and packed into a font, along with the font comes a css file, which sets the main colors of each cryptocurrency and options for using the font, more detailed information can be found in the documentation.

Cryptocurrency icons Figma

Along with everything else you get a figma file. In it all the icons are collected as a component that you can use in your projects. Ideally, for each project to buy a separate license, I can not verify that, but I would be grateful to you.

A list of all the cryptocurrencies that I drew:

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